Welcome to CLIP

The Cloud Infrastructure Platform

The Cloud Infrastructure Platform (CLIP) offers an interdisciplinary, low entry barrier approach to High Performance Computing. Users come from the Vienna BioCenter and the Austrian Academy of Sciences as well as different universities, with a wide variety of research fields.

You are very welcome to get in touch with us.
Please write to contact@clip.science.


CPU Cores

32+ TB


250 TB

BeeGFS Flash Storage


GPU Accelerators

20 GB

$HOME per User

100 GBit/s

High Speed Network

Batch Computing

The CLIP Batch Environment (CBE) provides terminal access to a 200 node SLURM cluster with various hardware configurations.

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Interactive Computing

Several interactive, web-based services allow to leverage CBE’s computational ressources for interactive data exploration.

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Grid Computing

Part of CLIP is Austria’s only tier 2 site for Grid Computing in international Particle Physics collaborations.

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